My name is Katie Idle, and I am a 2019 graduate of the MA Children’s Book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a story to tell.

I have a First Class degree in Classical Civilisation from the University of Nottingham (class of 2017), and I cannot resist drawing inspiration from the rich history of Ancient Greece and Rome and their mythology.

More than anything I love to draw people, our everyday lives, our emotions, and our wonderful idiosyncrasies.  I endeavour to capture this in my sketches, and I have a passion for reportage (and people-watching!). I typically work with traditional media, and always have a sketchbook on hand to scribble down an amusing conversation or a poor, unsuspecting person nearby.

When I am not illustrating, I can usually be found reading in a corner under a pile of books, with my cat and a large mug of hot chocolate.


2015-2017: Line-drawing illustrations of Palmyra busts for academic publication by Andreas Kropp

2017-2018: Illustrated a children’s book for Peter Ward, Chief Executive of the British Dental Association

2019: Volunteer illustrations of busts of Roman emperors for Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology

2020 – ongoing: Illustrated comic for CREWS, a European Research Council funded project hosted by the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge, introducing children to the development and history of writing, language and the alphabet. More information can be found here: https://crewsproject.wordpress.com/